The “Accommodations/B&B/Hotels/Inns” category as well as the “Apartment Rentals” and the “Condominium/Townhome Complexes” categories at the website are, amongst the 70 separate categories,  the most often visited, which means that many of the more than 5,000 people visiting the site each month are looking for places where they can vacation, rent or buy that also permit their 4-legged best friends.

There are a few things to consider and several questions you need to ask when looking for that special vacation spot, rental or purchase that will not only welcome you, but also your pets, too.

Vacationing: when searching for that perfect vacation spot, always make sure you ask each Hotel, Inn, Resort or Bed & Breakfast you may be considering the following questions, so that you are not faced with unwelcome “surprises” upon arriving or upon paying your bill at the end of your stay:

1) Do you have any breed restrictions (some restrict certain breeds);

2) Do you have any size restrictions? (some only permit smaller pets);

3) Do you have any number restrictions? (some only permit 1 dog or 1 cat);

4) Do you charge a daily, weekly or monthly additional fee per dog? (most charge extra for pets);

Most hotels, resorts, inns and B&B’s do not permit you to go out and leave your furry friend(s) all alone, so make sure you’re taking them out with you, or making arrangements to have someone responsible looking after them in your absence.

Rentals: again, there are questions you need to ask before signing that rental agreement, the answers to which you need to make sure you get in writing to avoid any misunderstandings upon termination of your rental agreement, including:

1) do you charge a refundable damage deposit for my dog or cat that is returned at the end of my rental so long as no damage has occurred?

2) do you restrict the number or type of pets I am permitted to have living with me? (many rentals only permit 1 dog or 1 cat)

3) do you restrict the size of my dog? (many rentals only permit smaller pets under a certain weight)

Purchasing: when you’re considering the purchase of a condominium or town home, there will often be a governing body (a strata) that includes bylaws that may impose certain restrictions upon your 4-legged friends. Make sure you read these bylaws carefully and understand your obligations to uphold them before you purchase and find out your furry friends may not be welcome. Ask the following questions:

1) Are there any breed restrictions? (some areas do not permit certain breeds);

2) Are there any size or weight restrictions? (many condominiums and town homes only permit you to move in with a cat or smaller dog under a stipulated weight);

3) Are there limits on the number and/or types of pets you are permitted to have living with you? (many condominiums and town homes only permit one dog, or two cats)

4) Are there bylaws restricting your dog from walking in common areas? (some buildings do not permit dogs to walk in hallways or common inside areas, which means you must be willing to carry them).

Always make sure that you ask the right questions before planning where to stay on your vacation, where to rent, or where to buy that condominium or town home so that you can rest assured that you and your best friends are welcome, too. Dog Whispering
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