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Panda Dogs?

PandaDog-28Feb15“This year, popularity for one unique type of dog is surging in China. The black and white pooches are chubby and exceptionally fluffy. They bear a striking resemblance to pandas.

The panda dog is not an identified, accepted breed, but instead they’re Chows that have undergone cosmetic primping to get them to appear as adorable pandas.

Chinese citizens don’t seem to care how the doggies get their look, because pet shops are having an incredibly hard time keeping up with the demand. One pet store owner in Chengdu city, Hsin Ch’en remarked “Ten years ago the natural instinct of a Chinese person was to eat a dog. Now we are like westerners and want one as a companion. The cute breeds like French bulldogs and Labradors were the favorites, but now it is the panda dog.”

Ch’en isn’t complaining about the trend though, as he’s responsible for creating the makeshift breed. He claims to have ‘perfected’ the grooming and coloring technique for the panda dogs.

It takes roughly two hours to transform a plain Chow into a panda dog, but after about 6 weeks, the color fades and the pooches need another grooming touchup. What do you think of the panda dogs?” ~ GeoBeat News (I personally believe that this is cruelty to Chows).

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Is Your BFF Overweight?

fatbeagleJust like us humans, far too many of our Best Fur Friends are overweight too.

Our canine companions suffer from many of the same health related diseases their human guardians suffer from, such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Dogs are natural athletes, not naturally overweight…they get that way because they live with humans who do not take care of them properly and instead of getting them out there walking, running and exercising like dogs are meant to, keep them unnaturally sedentary.

There are only two reasons for a dog to be unhealthily overweight: (1) they are fed terrible, fatty food and/or too much of it; and (2) they do not get any or enough exercise.

Many of these problems can be helped simply by making healthier food choices and increasing daily exercise.

When you have a dog, you’ve always got a reason to exercise more and when you have an overweight dog, you really need to exercise more, if you love them and want them to live as long a life as possible.

There is a simple way to determine if your dog is overweight.

When they are standing, place your hand flat against their ribs and if you cannot feel any of their ribs when you apply a little firm pressure, this means that your dog is spending too much time at the feed bowl and not enough time being outside moving around and enjoying being a dog.

Don’t shorten your dog’s life…instead, help your BFF live a long and healthy life by making sure you are not over-feeding and that you and they are getting out for lots of exercise.

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Annual Vaccinations?


Vaccinations administered annually are not doing your dog or cat any favours.

In fact, you may be creating irreparable harm.

Have your fur friend’s blood checked for antibody levels against Parvo and Distemper, called a titre, and if they have sufficient levels, there is no need to vaccinate.

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Two More Food Recalls



“Nutrisca Brand Dry Dog Food, made by Tuffy’s Pet Foods, Inc. of Perham, MN is voluntarily recalling specific lots of 4 lb. bags of Nutrisca Chicken and Chick Pea Recipe Dry Dog Food because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.”

“Buster’s Natural Pet Supply Beef Trachea Dog Treats, manufactured by Pet International of Miami, Florida is recalling 1500 units of 6″ Beef Trachea Pet Treat because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.

Salmonella can affect animals eating the products and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the products or any surfaces exposed to these products.” ~ The Dogington Post

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Firefighter Saves Puppy

InTheNewsBannerA firefighter in Spain, Jose Carlos Cortes, 42, is being called a hero after saving a two-month-old puppy that was found unconscious after being pulled from a house fire.

The dog was found passed out from lack of oxygen, lying under a stairwell.

Upon noticing the dog, he quickly snatched it up, and got it out of the smoking building.  Immediately, he put an oxygen mask over the dog’s face, and began chest compressions.  At first, the pup didn’t respond.

At that point, Cortes pried the pup’s mouth open, and began mouth to mouth resuscitation.  It was still slow going however.

After five long minutes of tireless work, the puppy started to move its legs.  Thankfully, the dog showed some signs of life and was finally whisked off to a vet for proper treatment.

According to medical professional’s reports, that puppy was soon up and barking.  It seemed to really be in good spirits, and was even playing with volunteers at the animal hospital it was brought to.

One of Cortes’ colleagues had captured the frantic moments of him trying to breathe life back into the dog.  As soon as it was known the dog was going to be okay, the video was uploaded to, and the video has had over 30,000 views so far.

Cortes has been hailed as “Valencia’s True Hero” for his efforts.  One person commenting on the video said, “He is not a fireman, he’s an angel dressed up as a fireman.” ~ Life With Dogs

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