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Do YOU Dogalize?

Dogalize is the free app for dogs’ lovers that allows users to interact with all social networks sharing experiences and multimedia content such as posts, photos and videos about your dog, PLUS so much more!

The big PLUS is that the Dogalize app uses geo-locating technology to help you find everything you need for your fur friends, including pet stores, groomers, trainers, vets, kennels, dog parks, shelters & rescues, restaurants, hotels, breeders and more all from the convenience of your smart device, wherever you may be in the world.

AND…thanks to vet, health and trainer tips, that are posted daily, it’s also educational!

The fun, socializing, educational, award-winning (free) Dogalize dog lovers app is designed in Milan, Italy and is just now making it’s way across North America, and in my capacity as Manager for Dogalize North America, I invite all dog lovers to download the app and start connecting paws both locally and around the world.

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What is Chelation?

What is Chelation?
Chelation acts like a powerful magnet for toxic metals and is great to treat conditions like Congestive Heart Failure.
Toxic metals act like festering slivers. Once they are pulled out with Chelation, the body then heals itself.
Also useful for many cases are intravenous treatments of hydrogen peroxide and Vitamin C. Glutathione injections work wonders for cats with kidney disease.
(This Vet Tip sponsored by Dogalize, the free dog lovers app)
Dr. Moira's Vet Tips

Dr. Moira’s Vet Tips

Live Like Someone Left the Gate Open

These are great words to live by, whether you are a dog or a human.

Dogs live like this every moment of every day, hoping against hope that the humans will somehow, some day join them.

Download the (free) Dogalize dog lovers app at your IOS or Android app store or online at and share pictures, canine wisdom, vet and trainer tips and much more!

Great Canine Wisdom

Great Canine Wisdom

Does Your Dog Get Enough?

Many of our canine companions simply do not receive enough daily, disciplined exercise and lack of exercise can lead to all manner of health and behavioral problems.
For our energetic, medium to large sized canines that need to run, we often recommend a “Springer” attachment for their bike so that the dog is in the proper walking position and the spring in the Springer eliminates the possibility of the dog pulling over the bike.
This type of bike/Springer arrangement puts your dog into a harness so that they can safely jog or run beside your bike and actually get the proper amount of daily exercise they crave and need to stay happy and healthy.
Remember that a tired dog is a happy dog that has little desire to get into mischief.
To learn more about the “Springer” way to exercise your dog, go here:
Jim and Luna the Siberian Husky

Jim and Luna the Siberian Husky

The Twelfth Dog of Christmas

On the Twelfth dog of Christmas
My true love gave to me
Twelve BULLDOGS snoring
Eleven Huskies howling
Ten Spaniels springing
Nine Yorkies dancing
Eight Collies herding
Seven Labs a swimming
Six Bichons playing
Five calling Beagles
Four yodeling Basenjis
Three French Poodles
Two flirty Pugs
and a Leopard Dog in a Pear Tree
The snoring Bulldog, originally from the United Kingdom, sadly has many health problems which result in a rather short lifespan of just over 6 years.
Bulldog puppy

Bulldog puppy