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Estrela Mountain Dog Needs a New Home

Doogie, the Estrela Mtn Dog

Good News! Doogie has moved to the mountains in Canmore, Alberta where he will soon have a home much better suited to who he is and what he needs to be happy.

This is Doogie, a 95-pound, 20-month-old Estrela Mountain Dog who was imported from a breeder in North Carolina.

Doogie is looking for a new, free to the right owner in a good home because his owner has recently suffered a serious accident which may permanently prevent the family from being to able to provide Doogie with the physical exercise or mental stimulation a young, energetic dog requires.

First, a brief breed overview:

The Estrela is a natural herding and guarding dog who needs lots of space to run and a dedicated human who is already a strong pack leader and who has the time to devote to being with him every day.

The Estrela is a beautiful, long-haired, double coated and very unique large breed dog you won’t often see locally because this ancient breed originated in the Estrela Mountains of Portugal where it has been used for centuries for guarding herds and homesteads. Today the Estrela is still a working dog, guarding flocks and also being used as border patrol or police dogs.

For an experienced leader who knows how to treat a young, strong, energetic dog with respect and compassion, and spend lots of time with him in the right situation, Doogie will make a wonderfully alert and loyal companion.

Doogie is very affectionate in the home and gets along well with family members and other pets who are part of the family.  He has already received considerable training to help him be less reactive to strange dogs or new situations he may encounter when out walking on leash. Perhaps you can provide the ongoing guidance Doogie needs.

Doogie needs a strong, confident leader, and if you think you are the right person to continue Doogie’s training and provide him with lots of exercise and plenty of interesting and stimulating circumstances so that he’s not bored, in a loving forever home that will always be well guarded, please contact Ray or Laurie for further information at 250-592-6614 or send an e-mail to today.

Doogie (side view)








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Doggy Idol – Dog Days of Summer Fair

Calling all canines and their human counterparts!
It’s Dog Days of Summertime!

Boris says, "See YOU at the Doggy Summer Fair!"

You won’t want to miss all the fun events at the Dog Days of Summer Fair coming your way Saturday, September 22nd, 2012 at St. Luke’s Church Hall, which has lots of free parking and is located at 3821 Cedar Hill Cross Road.

This is a fun for all ages fund raising event in support of Victoria Adoptables and Vets for Pets.

Doors are open from 11:30 a.m. until 5:3o p.m. on Saturday, 22nd September. Admission is just $4. and kids get in free, plus if you bring a new or slightly used collar or leash or an unopened bag of pet food to donate to pets on the street, you will receive $1.00 off your admission.

Enjoy this fun, family day with free special events & contests. Enter your pet in the all day “paws on parade” fashion show contest, or have Fido or Fifi take part in the Jack Jump contest. As well, there will be a Free Canine good neighbour fun test, Face painting for the kids, shopping from local vendors specializing in pet products & services and you can have your pet’s photo taken by a top pet photographer on site.

You won’t want to miss this fun event with proceeds going to help Victoria Adoptables and Vets for Pets.

Victoria Adoptables is a local, non-profit animal rescue service who provide stray and abandoned dogs with needed veterinarian care (spaying/neutering), healthy food and a caring foster home until they can be adopted.

Vets for Pets are a group of volunteer veterinarians and assistants who volunteer their time to provide vet services, vaccinations, and food to loved pets living in the homeless community and those who cannot afford traditional veterinarian services.

For more information please go to: DoggyIdol or Contact them at:
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