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Watch Out for Beautiful, But Deadly Amanita Mushrooms

Toxic Amanita MushroomsThe Fall Season on Vancouver Island means it’s also mushroom season, and not all mushrooms are dog-friendly.

ATTENTION All Dog Owners! Please pass this news on as it could save a dog’s life.

The very beautiful AMANITA mushroom, for instance, is toxic and possibly deadly to dogs. Although the recent reports of poisoning have come from dogs walked off leash at Elk Lake, this is not the only place where these mushrooms could be growing, so make sure you take the appropriate caution when out walking your dog in areas where they may be mushrooms.

“The vet hospital I work out of has now had 3 cases of what appears to be Amanita mushroom poisoning in dogs walked at Elk Lake.  Very poisonous mushroom, often fatal.  Very sad.  All 3 within last 2 weeks, young dogs.  DON’T walk your dog(s) at Elk Lake off leash right now!!!” – Heather

The Amanita mushroom is characterized by a brightly coloured cap with whitish warts, white gills, membranous ring, and volva consisting of a series of scaly concentric rings above the basal bulb.

The Amanita mushroom is found single or scattered or in large fairy rings, “in forests and at their edges, also with planted trees,” on the ground, under Pine, Spruce, and Birch.

This is a neurotoxic, poisonous mushroom, as is the Amanita pantherina (Panther Mushroom). For further details about this and other mushrooms, visit E-Flora BC.

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