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Precious, the Miracle Doberman Puppy

If you are a fan of the beautiful Doberman breed, you’re going to love the story of Precious, the Miracle Puppy, and perhaps you will know of just the right person to give Precious her “free to good forever home”.

Precious, the Miracle Puppy

Precious, the Miracle Puppy

“The Story of Precious”

Precious was one of a litter of 15 puppies born at Ravenhill Dobermans in Maple Ridge, a most enchanting, loving and wonderful place for a puppy to spend their first months of life.

Sadly, when Precious was just two weeks old, her mother accidentally jumped on her and broke her little back. The veterinarian wanted to put her to sleep, but Sadie, the lovely lady breeder at Ravenhill, wanted to give her a second chance at life. With much care and attention, and much to the surprise of the vet, Precious’ spinal cord repaired itself, and although she is smaller than the rest of her siblings, she is a happy and active little soul.

Now, Sadie wishes to find a FREE to loving home for Precious and would like to place her with someone who is retired and always at home, who doesn’t lead an overly active lifestyle, because extreme activity or a lot of jumping about could possibly re-injure her spine.

Precious is now a 3-4 month old miracle puppy who doesn’t know she is any different from her brothers and sisters and is waiting to find the right human for whom she can be a faithful and loving canine companion.

If you know someone who may be the perfect match for Precious, please call Sadie at Ravenhill Dobermans in Maple Ridge at 604-462-0481 or e-mail Sadie at: or go to: Ravenhill Dobermans

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