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Doggle Up Because Dogs’ Eyes Need Protection, Too

BorisBackPack5It’s not just that they look cool and make us humans laugh, they actually fulfill a very useful purpose, because dogs get cataracts, too and we all know that sun exposure can be a contributing factor to failing sight in old age.

Doggles™ protect the eyes from dirt, dust, wind, grass seeds, trauma, glare and sun sensitivity all while providing UVA and UVB protection. And the best part is that you can drink from a sprinkler without getting water in your eyes!

Boris has been wearing his signature yellow Doggles™ for over three years and besides giving out loud belly laughs to countless humans, the number one question we’ve been asked hundreds of times is “how does he keep them on?” Usually we just say “staples” or “crazy glue” and then after it sinks in that we’re kidding, we show the interested human the simple, yet ingenious system for keeping them on.

Where can you buy Doggles™ in Victoria? There are quite a number of pet stores that carry them, including High End Dog, Pet’s Choice, and Island Pet Source.

Boris is really excited because he’s been looking for a new red pair for ages and he found them today at Island Pet Source who look like they’ve cornered the Doggles™ market as they just received a huge new shipment with great selection that’s going fast. Not only are the Doggles™ much more reasonably priced at Island Pet Source than at other stores who usually only get a few in as novelty items, if you’re a member, you also receive 15% off!

If you want to get some Doggles™ for your best friend, tell ’em Boris sent you!

Thanks to Doggles™ we suspect that Boris will have great eyes well into old age.

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McKenzie Vet Services is on the Move

McKenzieVet-150x150When McKenzie Veterinary Services recently merged with North Douglas Veterinary Clinic last June, the sounds of construction and renovation began and will soon result in an expansion of retail space along with the addition of three versatile new exam rooms, new technological advances and an increase in staff size that will allow McKenzie Vet Services to continue to meet the ever increasing needs of their patients.

At last count the total staff at McKenzie Vet Services consists of … Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome McKenzie Vet Services to Vet’s Corner

KittenBigDogFeetWe’re very happy to announce that McKenzie Vet Services/Pacific Mobile Veterinary Clinic will become a “voice of authority” for the Vet’s Corner.

Please send us your #1 Vet question because we’re gathering a collection of questions from the public so that each month your #1 question will be answered by a qualified staff member at McKenzie Vet Services.

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What is Dog Whispering?

PugWearingAntennaFirst of all, let’s get straight about what “Dog Whispering” is NOT because some people seem to have the amusing idea that the term “dog whispering” refers to some sort of hocus-pocus, California crazy, psychic connection where the person doing the “whispering” has the eerie ability to read the dog’s thoughts and convey these to the owner, like some sort of psychic medium talking to the recently departed. Rest assured, this is NOT what “dog whispering” is all about, and is not what happens when we visit you at your house.

While a good “dog whisperer” indeed does have the ability to “read” the dog,… Read the rest of this entry »

Better Air Travel for Your Best Friend

PetAirwaysPetAirways, operated by Suburban Air Freight, the first “pet only” airline took to the skies over a handful of large U.S. cites on July 14th and so far it’s a big high five paws up, as their first two months are already sold out for this pet-friendly travel experience.

No humans passengers are allowed on PetAirways, except for the pilot and crew, of course, and the attendant who checks on the furry pawsengers every 15 minutes.

Pets flying PetAirways will board just like people from their own airport lounges and can even earn “pet points” as frequent fliers, with an introductory fare of just $149. each way.

Currently PetAirways is serving only five U.S. destinations (Baltimore Washington, New York, Chicago, Denver & Los Angeles) and catering to only dogs and cats while they are starting out. However, the founders of PetAirways, a husband and wife team (Alysa Binder and Dan Wiesel), are planning to expand these services to include 25 cities in the next couple of years.

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