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Dogs Rule in Oak Bay


Don't mess with Oak Bay dogs!

While many humans may not know that they can be fined $50. for leaving their 4-legged friends tied up outside a store or establishment while they’re shopping, etc., according to a recent Times Colonist article, dogs in Oak Bay will soon be exempt from this rule as the Municipality is apparently re-writing its bylaws to permit dogs to be left alone while tied up on sidewalks for up to 15-minutes at a time.

Because our 4-legged friends are easily susceptible to heat stroke on warmer days,… Read the rest of this entry »

Why Spear Grass Can Be Life-Threatening to Your Dog

Foxtail Grass

Foxtail Grass

There are approximately 60 species of spear grass, commonly known under many different names, including, foxtail grass, porcupine grass, needle grass, silver spike grass, etc. and “spear grass” is the generic term used for any wild grass that has barbed seeds.

There is a great deal of foxtail barley grass growing in the Victoria area (it looks similar to wheat), including the off leash area of Beacon Hill Park, and although this grass is beautiful and graceful in it’s green and purple growing stage, once it dries out, the spears easily attach themselves to anything that brushes past, including your best friends.

No matter what name you give this insidious grass, there is no denying that… Read the rest of this entry »

Fashion Faux “Paw”?

Fashion Faux "Paw"

Fashion Faux "Paw"

Have you been unwittingly brainwashed by the dictates of high fashion with respect to what you think is normal while walking your dog?

While high fashion magazines and even many pet-related publications often display models being led or dragged by the latest 4-legged craze, allowing your dog to walk out in front of you will only lead you down the path to behavioral problems.

Why?…because allowing your best friend to take the lead when you are out walking is giving your canine companion a very strong message that you are the employee (follower) and he or she is your boss (leader).

While you may be fine with this arrangement while outdoors, when you want your dog to listen or respect you while indoors or in other situations that require you to be in control of the situation, you may well find that your dog seems to be rather disobedient or disrespectful of your wishes.

The above picture with dog on point is more common than you might imagine as easily 90% or more of all dogs (from Chihuahuas to Great Danes), because… Read the rest of this entry »

Dog Does Sit-Ups With His Best Friend

[Thanks to Clara for sending this very cute exercising dog video.]

Here is indisputable proof that dogs can teach humans to exercise.