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What’s in a Dog Breed?

SamDrewLilyGracieBoris12Mar11“If you think those “perfect” pooches at dog shows are the shining examples of their breeds, think again.

A massive study of more than 80,000 individual dogs reveals there’s actually a lot of behavioral variation within any given breed, particularly when it comes to aggression.

“There is no other breed or species of animal with such a wide variety of appearance and behavior,” says Dr. James Serpell, an animal behaviorist at the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Interaction of Animals & Society.
That variety in behavior is mostly man-made: Dog breeding practices developed to highlight certain behaviors or traits that humans found useful.

In the early days, that usually meant identifying dogs who were well-suited for herding, hunting and other work. But in the mid-19th century, there was a shift in breeding interests toward appearance and aesthetic. This was the beginning of a canine career change for many existing breeds.

“The fundamental purpose of dogs now is just to provide people with companionship,” Serpell says. “But then, a lot of these breeds still show those original behavioral predispositions to do particular things.”

That’s evident at the recently-held Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, where we’re encouraged to judge dogs and their behavior using stereotypes based solely on dog breed. Beagles are pack dogs bred to hunt; terriers are hardwired to dig for small rodents; border collies are consummate sheep herders.

Serpell wants to know just how deeply ingrained those behaviors aret, but trying to gather data on domestic dogs led to a problem. “The behavior of dogs is difficult to study because they live in people’s houses where you can’t really observe them,” he says.

So he created C-BARQ, an online tool that lets dog owners dish on the behavior of their pets. Owners volunteer the information through a detailed survey that asks them how their dogs respond to different stimuli in their environment.
With more than 80,000 responses, C-BARQ may be the world’s largest collection of behavioral data on dogs. The information is yielding clear profiles and patterns, particularly regarding aggressive behavior.

Between 10 percent and 15 percent of dogs can show very high levels of aggression, Serpell says, while 20 or 30 percent show no aggression.

Pit bulls and Akitas, popular breeds for fighting and guard dog duty, show serious aggression toward other dogs. But the title for most aggressive overall actually goes to tiny dachshunds, which display heightened aggression toward dogs, strangers and even their owners.

Serpell says the C-BARQ data paints a more complex picture than expected, even within breeds. So judging a dog based solely on its breed overlooks one of the most important aspects of its behavior: The influence of its owner and environment.

“[Dogs] perceive signals from us that we’re not even aware we’re giving,” he says. “Little attributes of personality we may have, probably change the way they typically behave. It’s unendingly interesting to me.” ~ Robert Boos, Science, Tech & Environment

P.S. After some 40 years of experience, I believe that any problems with dogs is a direct result of the human, albeit usually well meaning, often damaging influence.

It’s my personal opinion that there is no “probably” involved in the way dogs behavior is influenced by us humans…it’s a definitely.

Asia Moore, Author & Dog Whisperer
70+ breed specific books & counting!

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Rhodo-Dogdom – Your Small Dog’s Home Away From Home

Riley loves Rhodo-Dogdom

Rhodo-Dogdom is definitely your small dog’s happy home away from home for daycare and boarding.

The business of doggy daycare and overnight boarding in their home is not a new concept to Shandon and Mario who previously had a thriving business in Vancouver.

“Although we just moved to Victoria in September, I lived in Victoria 30 years ago and we always intended to retire here. The at-home dog daycare and boarding is not new to us because we have been boarding dogs in our home for the past 14 years.”

In Vancouver, Shandon and Mario boarded and provided daycare for dogs of all sizes.

“We started the business because our 8 year-old daughter wanted a dog, but we were living in a rented house and didn’t want to make the long term commitment to a dog in case we had to move.  I saw a local dog daycare and thought we could do better than that, so I set it up as my daughter’s business and that’s how we got started.”

Besides caring for dogs, Shandon is also an English teacher who tutors grades 5 through university level in English and Math through grade 10 in their Victoria home while her husband, Mario, is a retired musician who is about to get back into his music.

“Our family has always loved dogs and I wanted to be a vet when I was a little girl. Instead, I became an English teacher, and thought we could still provide an at-home daycare and boarding facility that dogs would really like, which we did in Vancouver for 14 years.”

Shandon and Mario have a lovely house, centrally located in Victoria with a fully fenced yard where their visiting dogs have a nice, big garden to explore and be entertained by the birds in the birdbath.

Shandon and Mario are a wonderfully warm, caring couple who are very happy to be able to continue to provide excellent daycare and boarding for smaller dogs, (no more than three at a time) and because they will keep their numbers small, they can also offer boarding and daycare for clients who may not be neutered or spayed.

Although they do have a few basic house rules, they go the extra mile to help out their clients.

“We like to be as flexible as possible for our clients, which means we often take in weekend boarding at the last minute, however, around seasonal holidays, it’s always best to book ahead as early as possible to avoid disappointment.”

Rhodo-Dogdom offers special savings of 10% to DogAboutTown members who use their services.

“The dogs have a really good time with us because we treat them like our very own – it’s like going to stay with favorite relatives at their second home.” – Shandon & Mario

Read Testimonials, more information and find contact details at: Rhodo-Dogdom Dog Whispering
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Bark & Fitz Westshore is Now “The Dog Bone”

“Hello….As of June 15th we are no longer affiliated with Bark & Fitz.

Our phone and fax numbers remain the same and all email communication can be directed to our new email address:

We are happy to continue running a successful business and will now have greater freedom in purchasing products.

Thank you for your continued support.  We look forward to maintaining our fantastic vendor relationships.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

Thank You”

Ole Jorgensen
The Dog Bone
102-2972 Jacklin Road
Victoria BC  V9B 0A3

Three Point Motors SMART Division Savings

Are YOU driving Smart?

Three Point Motors SMART Division has just renewed their business membership for another three years.

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