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Annual Vaccinations?


Vaccinations administered annually are not doing your dog or cat any favours.

In fact, you may be creating irreparable harm.

Have your fur friend’s blood checked for antibody levels against Parvo and Distemper, called a titre, and if they have sufficient levels, there is no need to vaccinate.

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Who Needs to Sleep In?

Who needs to sleep in when you’ve got a canine companion waiting to go walking?

Hitch up your fur friends and get out there, because you never know what friends you may meet or what adventures await you around the next bend in the road.

And if you’ve got a few extra Christmas pounds to wear off,  your fur friends are ready, willing and able to help you with that…

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Uh Oh...what now?

Uh Oh…what now?

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Live Like Someone Left the Gate Open

These are great words to live by, whether you are a dog or a human.

Dogs live like this every moment of every day, hoping against hope that the humans will somehow, some day join them.

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Great Canine Wisdom

Great Canine Wisdom