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Redd is Missing

Dear Dog Lovers,

Please keep an eye out for Redd, a lost, reddish/brown, Maltese/Poodle cross, last seen in the Bay Street area.

If you have any information about 4-year-old Redd, please call 713-614-7909 or 713-539-6222.

Thank you.

Boris, Asia & Jim

Posted: 30Dec2013


Have You Seen This Lost Dog?

Posted 22nd February 2013 – Tracy is desperate to find her lost dog, Levi. Please keep a watch for him.

“My beloved Mini Australian Shepherd, LEVI, has been MISSING since December 18!

$2,000 REWARD for his safe return. No Questions Asked!”

My pup has been missing for 10 weeks now. He may be with a transient guy, heading up or down the island. if you would be willing to share this on FB or any other means to spread the word, and get more eyes watching, we would be HUGELY appreciative! we really need to get our boy back. all details are below. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP.”  – Sincerely, Tracy

Levi was lost in Vancouver, early sightings were with a transient man. I just got a call yesterday that someone saw a transient guy in Duncan on Tues. with a blue Merle Aussie. We don’t know if it is him but are asking people to PLEASE keep their eyes open!

If he is traveling, i need to find him before he gets too far!!! We don’t know if it is our dog with him, WE NEED A PICTURE TO KNOW FOR SURE!!! Please keep your eyes peeled!

IF YOU THINK YOU SEE HIM TAKE A PICTURE! I need to know if it is my Levi.

Approach the person he is with, everyone loves to say hi to a cute dog. Is he Small, 12-14″ high body, Head maybe to your knee ~18″? Look at his face, Levi’s markings are very unique! Does he have 2 Brown Eyes? Does he have a Full curly whitish tail? Is he Mostly Black and White?

Then CALL 778-847-7045 IMMEDIATELY! Put this number in your phone! Tracy Myerson and Anita Komonski are his moms.

Levi is VERY SHY! so if he is with someone do NOT just grab him and take him, he will run and bad things will happen. Just call me RIGHT AWAY! We will get the reward to you after he is safely back with us, we PROMISE!

He is Small, 17 lbs, has 2 Brown Eyes and a Full Fluffy Tail (white-ish color). He is a Blue Merle, which means mottled Black and White, with Brown only in his face and back legs. He is crossed with something from the Spitz family, maybe a Pom? He is micro-chipped and registered with 24 hour Pet Watch

If you can post this on your facebook page and print out to post in your office too, that would be hugely appreciated!

You can also Re-Share the original Levi Posting on your work or personal page:, and ASK YOUR FRIENDS TO RE-SHARE! We need more eyes! And Ask friends to join the Find Levi group too: PLEASE, I need to get my boy back.


Is Your Best Friend Lost?

CatLookingThruFishbowlAlthough we truly hope that your best friends never go missing, should you ever need help finding a lost friend, you can contact us with all the details and we’ll post your information here to help find your lost pet much faster and greener than plastering telephone poles with photos that get ruined in the rain.

Just send us the date and time your friend went missing, their name, breed and age, and if you don’t have a picture, a good description so they can easily be identified should someone spot them and we’ll post your information here in the “Lost Pets” section.

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