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It’s 2011 Dog Licence Time

If your dog(s) is over the age of 4-months, the City of Victoria Animal Control bylaws require that you licence your dog(s) every year, and in 2011 it’s become not only more expensive for the licence itself, but twice as expensive if your dog is caught NOT wearing their tag.

Last year dog tags cost $25 (spayed/neutered if purchased early) and $35 (spayed/neutered, if purchased after the end of February) There is a BIG 20% increase for 2011, making early purchases $30, and purchases after the end of February $40. in the City of Victoria.

The fine for not having a current dog tag has increased by 100%! This used to be $50. on the spot – now this has increased to $100…

  • “Licensing is a mandatory requirement of the City of Victoria’s Animal Control Bylaw. Owners can be fined $100 per day for non-compliance.
  • A dog licence is identification. Basic owner information is provided to anyone who finds a dog wearing a City of Victoria licence tag 24/7/365. Hundreds of dogs are quickly reunited with their owners each year because they were found wearing a current licence and these owners got their dogs back without a trip to the Pound or paying impound fees.
  • If your dog is impounded in the City of Victoria, a $35 penalty is added to impoundment fees if you do not possess a current dog licence.
  • Dog licences encourage owner accountability thereby increasing public safety and efficiency of animal control and pound operations.
  • Licence fees contribute to offsetting the full cost of operating an animal control and poundkeeping service by property taxes alone.
  • Licence fees offset the cost of maintaining and supplying poop-bag dispensers in City parks. On average 90,000 poop-scoop bags are dispensed each month.”

When you buy your 2011 licence before the end of February 2011, you will save $20 (cost $30. for neutered/spayed OR $40. for unaltered). After the 28th of February the fees increase to $40. and $50.

When your dog has been spayed or neutered in the preceding 12-month period and you take in your veterinary receipt as proof when purchasing your dog tag, your dog will receive it’s one free licence.

If you require more information about being a responsible dog owner, including leash laws, noise disturbance, licensing and basic bylaw requirements regulating the care and control of your dog(s), please call the Victoria Animal Control Services Ltd. at 250-414-0233 or visit their website at: – Dog Whispering – © 2010 – All rights reserved.